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I was born in the Summer of 1969 in Dagenham, just on the border of East London. School was largely unproductive but enjoyable, setting me up for something of a wayward but interesting life! On leaving school I had various jobs including putting up stalls at Romford Market, working in a record shop, putting up ceilings, gardening and road sweeping. After resigning from an insurance company to play in a band, I found myself unemployed for two years. Then finally I got back on my feet and I've been a psychiatric nurse since 1997. I wrote A Cleansing of Souls when I was 22 years old and followed it up with Tollesbury Time Forever almost twenty years later. I started writing The Bird That Nobody Sees in September 2011 and it was released in July 2012. In terms of writing, my heroes are Jack Kerouac and John Steinbeck. I would also include Kris Kristofferson, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits as literary influences. So that's me I guess - scruffy, happy and in love with literary fiction, music and life...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A newspaper article about Tollesbury Time Forever!

A week or so ago I contacted the local newspaper and asked if they would be interested in running a piece on the novel, seeing as it was set in Tollesbury. And do you know what? They were - and they have!

You can find the article here: http://www.maldonandburnhamstandard.co.uk/news/localnews/9446826.Village_is_the_inspiration_behind_new_book/

A photographer popped round yesterday to do a couple of pics so it may be in the actual paper which I think comes out at the end of the week!

I hope to have the novel up on Kindle within the next few days - I do believe it's all coming together nicely!

Take care people!


PS - please check out my website if you haven't already done so! www.stuartayrisbooks.co.uk


Nick Wilford said...

That's great news Stu, a good idea to get some local publicity! It all helps. Sorry I haven't commented on your recent announcements, as I have been somewhat removed from the blog world over the last few weeks. Caught up now though!

Exciting times indeed - my mum gave me a lovely new Kindle for Xmas so I look forward to reading both your novels soon. Website looks good too - you clearly have a talented family and it's great that they're right behind you to help out. Happy New Year mate!

Stu Ayris said...

Hi Nick!

Hope you had a peaceful and fun Christmas!

Thank you so much for your support mate - it's amazing how lonely this writing lark can feel at times so having someone like you commenting on my musings is fantastic and well appreciated!

So here's to a year of writing for us both!

Lily Childs said...

Great news Stu! And brilliant to get publicity in the run-up to publication.

All the best of luck and success.

Stu Ayris said...

Thank you Lily! Yep, doing my best to drum up a bit of business - doesn't come entirely naturally to me but it's all a learning experience!!

Cheers so much for your support. Kind of humbling how so many people are spurring me on!


Leon Steelgrave said...
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Leon Steelgrave said...

Aye, always good to get a bit of publicity behind you, particularly when you can work a local angle.
Best of luck with the launch.

Stu Ayris said...

Thanks so much Leon. I'm going to get a few posters put up around the village and one in my window advertising the book. I may even put an add in the Parish Magazine! Not the Times but it's a start!

David Barber said...

Excellent news, matey! And great publicity before the launch. Made up for you.

(Are you self publishing???)

Stu Ayris said...

Thanks David! Yep, doing it all myself. Just feels so much more befitting of the book - what with it being about a man trying to regain control of his life! My wife has painted the cover and my son has helped with the website. Just as it should be!

Halfway through the final edit - hope to have it uploaded to Kindle by the end of the week!

Cheers for your support mate!


David Barber said...

Nice one, mate. Regards to you family. Talented bunch!

I'll give it a pimping for you when it comes out.

Stu Ayris said...

Thanks David! Well appreciated! Money's a bit tight but I'm not sure the wife would agree at this stage re: the pimping... ; )

Sean Patrick Reardon said...

Congrats, count me in, and best of luck!

Stu Ayris said...

Cheers Sean! Not long now!!